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Fast Assistance Security Team
VIP Protection aware of the many problems of insecurity and risk situations that we face every day in Mexico, makes an effort to provide more and better services Safety and Security.
Security Tracking Assistance and Response
VIP Protection has the most advanced technology available in the GPS Satellite Tracking System along with a wide coverage in the national territory.
Executive Protection
We have qualified and certified personnel to provide Executive Protection Services across the American continent, being able to coordinate operations and logistics for senios executives and risk.
Security Transportation Services
Due to the serious security situation in transport in Mexico, we took on the task of designing a service that exceed safety expectations of our customer.
Training Services
At VIP Protection we offer different courses and seminars so that drivers, executives and staff are trained on different security issues to reduce the risks to which we are exposed.
We have an application with which you can request assistance or an emergency depending on the situation in which you find yourself and our team will assist you, we will be able to follow your location in real time.

We Are Ready 24/7 For You

Our Protection Is Always There 24/7 The 365 Days Of The Year

We have dedicated telephone lines to assist you and if you have the SOS Vip service you can request support in an emergency or assistance.


We took on the task of creating an innovative, effective and economical program, usimg administrative, technological and human tools in order to generate both a culture of preventice security and response and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days the year through the information.

vip protection
vip protection


The base and communications center VIP Protection México is strategically located in the heart of the city, from where you can reach any point of the city in approximately 30 minutes. Customer ensuring an effective response in the shortest possible time.

Also boasts a fleet of sufficient vehicles and personnel needed to operate them, covering the ability to responde to more than one call at a time.

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Safety is thinking the unthinkable

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